B.B. Simon Belts

Are you looking for unrivaled style? Grab one of our crystal leather belts that speaks to you. These men’s b.b. simon belts are decked out from front to back with mesmerizing Swarovski crystals which are precision cut and polished to perfection. b.b. simon belts have been the premier brand for stylish men’s belts for years, and now you can have your own in a color and aesthetic you love. Dudes Boutique has been carrying men’s b.b. simon belts for over 20 years, and we remain the largest authorized reseller. If there’s a product you want that you haven’t seen yet, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to get it in stock. Complete your impeccable look with our Swarovski crystal hoodies and pocket chains. Shop our wide selection of crystal leather belts now!