Mauri 4793 Adriano All-Over Crocodile Wingtip Dress Shoes - Dudes Boutique
$ 799.00
Skin: Alligator
Style: Dress Shoes
Color:  Wonder Blue/Acre Raindrops

This product is a ‘custom order’ provided by collaboration with Dudes Boutique & Mauri.
Prior to sending this item to you, we will inspect it for quality purposes.
Please allow an additional *2-3 Months* before receiving your item as it is specially made.
For Any Questions or Additional Info Please Email or Call at (215) 928-0661.

Mauri is one of the trendsetters left in the exotic skin business. As seen on TV & multiple celebrities Mauri brings not only fashion but high quality.

*We allow custom alterations on the shoes. If you have a unique foot shape try to send your measurements to our contact page for prime tailoring*
*We do not accept coupons for custom order*