Tips for Choosing a Men’s Fashion Belt

Tips for Choosing a Men’s Fashion Belt

Tips for Choosing a Men’s Fashion Belt

Tips for Choosing a Men’s Fashion Belt

Let’s be clear: This is not another “Belts 101” guide about how many shades of plain brown belts you need for work. This is not about matching your belt to your shoes, or throwing on a belt as an afterthought just because your jeans have belt loops.

This is about fashion belts—bold, bright, three-dimensional, and unforgettable. They don’t enhance an outfit; they define your style and tell the world who you are. These tips for choosing a men’s fashion belt will help you in your quest. Ask yourself the following questions.

What’s on the Runways?

The most recent men’s fashion shows will tell you all about what’s trending and may inspire you. This season, bling is in, with coats covered in “couture crystals.” Crystal leather belts are the best way to incorporate the look more often—and without completely depleting your clothing budget.

How Will You Use Your Belt?

Consider the purpose a fashion belt will serve for you. If you need a belt that will blend in, you should be using the word “basic,” not “fashion.” Are you looking for something to hold up your pants, or a work of art? Fashion belts are for the clubs, the streets, and anywhere you feel free to be yourself.

How Often Will You Wear It?

If you are ready to keep the rest of your outfit monochromatic, anything that speaks to you is the right choice. If you hope to wear it often, or with more patterns, your first fashion belt should probably be silver, gold, or your signature color.

How Important Is the Designer?

If you’ve been looking at high-end offerings from designers, you’ve been seeing a lot of dark, neutral colors, buckles in the shape of a logo, and prices topping $1,000. That’s luxury, but not fashion. BB Simon belts are the only name that matters in statement belts, with a word-of-mouth cult following.

Is It Well Made?

BB Simon belts are crafted with Italian leather and precision-cut Swarovski crystals, stitched and embellished by hand. The “BB” stands for “belts by,” and the man behind them is Simon Tavassoli, a true artisan. The quality almost elevates the belts to jewelry; in fact, fashion-forward fans have worn them as necklaces.

Is It Highly Recommended?

BB Simon belts have been photographed on celebrities since Madonna in the early ’90s. Hip-hop artists have been obsessed with the brand for years, with collectors such as Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and Post Malone.

What Size Do You Need?

BB Simon keeps it simple. Measure the area where you’ll wear the belt. The number of inches is your size.

Dudes Boutique has been carrying men’s BB Simon belts for more than 20 years, and we remain the largest authorized reseller. We can give you more tips for choosing a men’s fashion belt that adds to your unique style. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us so we can track it down for you.

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