Tips for Choosing a Quality Fur Coat

Tips for Choosing a Quality Fur Coat

Tips for Choosing a Quality Fur Coat
Tips for Choosing a Quality Fur Coat

If you’re going to wear a fur coat, do it right. The real thing is an investment, an incomparably warm luxury that can last for generations. It’s a reward for someone you love or your own success. Buying one requires research and thought, and these tips for choosing a quality fur coat will ensure that you’re getting the best.

Is It Real?

That’s a question you shouldn’t have to ask if you’re with a seller you trust. The quickest way to confirm authenticity is by running your hand through the fur. It should feel soft and silky, not rough like faux fur made from petrochemicals. You should be able to see animal skin, which feels like suede. Each individual strand of hair will be thicker at the base, tapering to a sharp point at the end.

Full or Pieced?

Superior fur coats use full pelts of the more valuable parts of the animal, such as the back and belly. The fur there is denser and softer. That leaves legs, tails, and heads, which work best for smaller accessories. When a designer uses the less desirable parts—also known as “cropped skin”—used for a coat, it will contain more seams from stitching the partial pelts together. That makes the coat less symmetrical, but if you have a lower budget, it’s a chic and reasonable way to get your first fur.

Which Animal?

These pelts are the gold standard because they look as sumptuous as they feel.


The best-selling fur globally is lightweight and irresistible—and it will outlast you. It comes in various rich shades of chocolate. If you can, choose pelts from females, which have the softest and lightest fur.


Sable’s texture is sleek and satiny, while the colors are lighter than mink—typically, golden or reddish-brown. Faux fur can’t begin to imitate those natural highlights.


It’s easy to recognize a men’s chinchilla fur coat because of its distinct blue, gray, and white coloring. It comes at a cost, though. The high hair density makes it difficult to sew into those unmistakable horizontal stripes.


If you want a deep, reddish-orange tone, fox is the way to go. Its hair is much longer, setting it apart from the other furs, and the golden shades look amazing on anyone.

At Dudes Boutique, we have a few more tips for choosing a quality fur coat that go beyond the basics. We recommend you try on plenty of options to make sure the one you choose works with your skin tone and eye color. We also put a modern twist on traditional furs with vividly dyed colors and playful designs. With 20 years in the business of show-stopping fashion, we can find a vest, coat, or jacket as unique as you are. Contact us for more information.

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