Tips for How To Wear a Men’s Fur Coat

Tips for How To Wear a Men’s Fur Coat

Tips for How To Wear a Men’s Fur Coat

Tips for How To Wear a Men’s Fur Coat

For too long, women have had all the fun with fur coats. But there’s no reason for men to avoid one of the most luxurious ways to show off your style. After all, cavemen brought home the first fur coats. While cavewomen were gathering berries, early hunters risked their lives to bring home pelts that would keep the whole tribe toasty.

Today, fur outerwear is much easier to find and far more flattering. Coats have evolved past shapeless status symbols into colorful statements of individuality, available in every form imaginable. With a few tips for how to wear a men’s fur coat, you’ll realize there’s no look you can’t wear. Don’t limit yourself; make fur an essential extension of your style.

Look To the Past

Full-length raccoon coats were all the rage at Ivy League football games in the ’20s and ’30s, just as the artists of the Harlem Renaissance were embracing them, too. The Depression put the kibosh on that until fur coats were revived by a series of figures in the music industry, such as Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Jim Morrison, and Elton John. Fur coats were fixtures in ’70s blaxploitation classics, but in the mainstream, men weren’t wearing furs; they were buying them for their trophy wives.

Instead, most men were content to settle for small accents of fur indulgence in their wardrobes: a fox coat collar here, fur-lined gloves there. In the early 2000s, Cam’ron rejected that restraint, turning hip-hop upside-down by wearing a baby pink mink and matching hat to New York Fashion Week. He even paid homage to men’s fur in his single “Down and Out”: “Fox, minks, gators, that’s necessary / Accessories, my closet’s ‘Pet Sematary.’” The song featured a young Kanye West, who was inspired to accumulate his own fur collection.

But you don’t have to be a rap star to rock a fur coat. Too many men are intimidated by fur and spend season after season retreating into the comforting cocoon of a puffer coat. If you’re stumped by how to wear one, take your cue from style icon Mick Jagger. When the Rolling Stones first hit the scene, they were pressured to wear matching suits like the Beatles. Instead, Jagger posed in a hooded, fur parka for a photo so famous that it’s still exhibited in museums. So do you want to look like the other guys? Or do you want to be a legend?

What Not To Wear With Fur

Tricked you: There’s nothing you can’t wear with a fur coat if you have the right attitude and even a little swagger. It ups the ante for dressy looks but can also enhance everything from a suit to chinos and even your favorite jeans and sneakers. If your fur coat is extra textured or bulky, it’s a good idea to wear a solid column of color so that the man underneath still looks sleek. But if your brand is fearlessly combining colors, patterns, or eras, stay true to yourself. Having the kind of day where you feel like topping off your sweats with the ultimate touch of luxury? The combination of high and low fashion couldn’t be more chic. In general, a fur should elevate your look, not dictate it.

Fur Jackets

This is our specialty here at Dudes Boutique, and it’s your best chance to show off your style with flair. A fur jacket or car coat is more casual, easier to wear day-to-day, and won’t overwhelm your frame. You can break the rules with these briefer bursts of fur, transforming familiar basics with an opulent twist. Fur gives a Technicolor makeover to bomber jackets, biker jackets, and vests. There are options for everyone: hooded, reversible, styled with a puffer sensibility, or even combined with materials like exotic alligator skin. Fur jackets make even more of an impact when dyed in eye-popping colors, for intense luxury that doesn’t go over the top.

Teddy Bear Furs

Midlength, oversize fur coats in neutral colors are designer favorites right now for both men and women, with appearances at the fall fashion shows. These high-end versions have evolved from the “teddy bear” trend begun by teen girls a few years ago. They wore faux fur and sherpa for an extravagant look at rock-bottom prices. So be careful how much you invest in one of these shapeless walking blankets. For starters, you will indeed look like a teddy bear, and now is not the time to be attracting unsolicited hugs on the street. Second, you run the risk of looking like you raided your grandma’s attic. And third, everyone will assume that it’s fake.

Full-Length Furs

We never speak of it, but in our deepest fashion dreams, there’s a little pimp in all of us. It’s hard to resist full-length fur that’s so street-fabulous you’ll want to accessorize with a gold-plated cane—the better to strut with, my friend. If you’re feeling confident enough to commit to all-over fur, go easy on the elaborate hats and platform shoes. Without at least a little restraint, you’ll end up getting directions to a costume party. Keep it high-end with tailored furs over neutral colors. And be prepared for the price of fur that skims the floor—you do have to pay for every inch of it.

Popular Types of Men’s Fur


Mink is still king of the furs, thanks to its incomparable softness and luster. The price can vary, as there are long-haired pelts, sheared mink, and everything in between. Mink tail fur works well with chevron designs.


Chinchillas can grow 50 hairs from one follicle, resulting in a densely soft coat. Its distinctive silver lusciousness is usually pieced together for a striped effect.


The fluffy texture makes fox ideal for collars or coats with contrasting colors and textured stripes. Fox naturally comes in a variety of colors, so you’ll have to start early to collect them all.


Rabbit is surprisingly affordable; if you can find a good sale, you can get something under $1,000. This is a great choice if you love fur but also change up your aesthetic often.


Sheepskin is more a fur than a form of leather, and right now shearling is having a designer moment. It’s less expensive than most fur, and this classic is being reinvented in endless ways.

If you have swagger, the fur coat will amplify it. And if you need swagger, fur will give it to you. With just a few tips for how to wear a men’s fur coat, you can effortlessly add luxury to your look. Inspired to find your first fur? Dudes Boutique is the place to start. Whether you’re looking for a rabbit derby hat or a men’s mink fur coat for sale, take a look at our eclectic collection of fur. Or contact us so we can track down the perfect coat for you.

Tips for How To Wear a Men’s Fur Coat


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