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Crocodile Shoes in Philadelphia - Dudes Boutique

Carrying one of the largest crocodile footwear collection in Philadephia and the northeastern region. Dudes Boutique has specialized in exotic skin shoes for over 25 years. Featuring Alligator Shoes, Crocodile Shoes, etc. Visit the link below for more information about our products. Crocodile Shoes in PhiladelphiaCrocodile Shoes in Philly  Alligator...

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Highlight ! - Product of the Week !

Safari Lambskin/Stingray Stitched Leather Jacket The Safari Lamb Skin/Stingray Stitched Leather Jacket is exactly what is sounds like unique & exclusive. Genuine male stingray & high grade washed lamb skin are assembled by lace. Midnight black with a sleek display this jacket is a true show stopper. Click The Link Below!

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