How to Show Your Style With an Alligator Skin Hat

How to Show Your Style With an Alligator Skin Hat

How to Show Your Style With an Alligator Skin Hat

How to Show Your Style With an Alligator Skin Hat

An alligator hat is such a versatile fashion staple that it should be one of the first pieces you incorporate into your style. We’re not talking about Crocodile Dundee’s kitschy classic; these high-end baseball caps reinvent the unmistakable texture with an urban sensibility and refined attitude. Learn how to show your style with an alligator skin hat, and soon you’ll be shopping for more.

Choose the Right Color

If you’re still developing your style and aren’t sure what you’ll use most, a solid black alligator hat is the easiest way to start. It doesn’t dominate an outfit but finishes it with an attention to detail that instantly elevates whatever you’re wearing. It’s a more subtle twist that will give your look polish. If you’re feeling more adventurous, there are many more choices that announce your individuality. On the neutral end, you’ll find lustrous, rich shades of chocolate brown, black cherry, cognac, cream, navy, money green, and all points in between. You can make even more of a statement with bright blue, purple, mustard, champagne, and even a metallic sheen.

Mix It Up

An alligator hat will work with a variety of looks, making it a common element that will unite your style. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Wear the hat to top off streetwear such as a hoodie or T-shirt and jeans, giving it a flourish that doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. In winter weather, it looks great with an overcoat and boots. You can even go for a dressier suit look by pairing your hat with an unstructured blazer over a T-shirt with sneakers. It adds a laid-back, sports-luxe vibe to whatever you’re wearing.

Keep It Simple

A handmade piece such as an alligator hat deserves the spotlight; make it a focal point of your outfit. You definitely don’t want to wear anything too similar at the same time, or you’ll look like a matched living room set. For instance, don’t break out the alligator shoes at the same time—the shoes deserve their own day of glory. Stick with clean lines, not too many competing textures and patterns, and a confident attitude to make your look as flashy as you want it to be.

Ultimately, there’s no wrong way to show your style with an alligator skin hat. Whatever you’re wearing, it communicates an irreverent, youthful outlook with an unmistakably grown-up standard of living. You can find the biggest selection of statement hats and exotic accessories at Dudes Boutique, the legendary source of next-level fashion. Classy, eclectic, or casual, we can help you express your attitude.

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